Multi-Family and Property Management

At Bin ProZ, LLC we understand image, safety and health is everything for Multi-Family and Property Management Locations. The importance of keeping a clean and neat neighborhood and or property is our top priority. Our truck comes to your development or community, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, to clean your residents’ trash bins and dumpsters. With our bin cleaning service, your curb appeal will be top notch. Let us free your neighborhood or complex from unsightly filth, while eliminating health risks associated with harmful bacteria and viruses.

What We Do

The Difference is

200 degree water steam cleans
200 Degree
Water Used
Ninety nine percent of germs are removed
99.9% Germs
Sanitize and Freshen your Trash Can
Sanitize &
Eco Friendly Cleaning Process
Spotless Trash Can
Your Trash Can
Left Spotless